Landfill waste reduced to zero

In April, we achieved a significant milestone in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment: we now send zero waste to landfill.

We take an active interest in protecting the environment by maximising our energy efficiency and reducing our waste wherever possible. In 2008 we formed the Waste Impact Group to introduce new ways to reduce and manage our waste, and it is due to their ideas and efforts that we now send zero waste to landfill. Instead, we are now able to recycle many of the materials we use; for example, all our used cardboard and plastic drums are now compressed into bales onsite and are sent straight to processing mills as raw material. The waste that falls outside of our recyclable materials is transported to our recycling and waste management company’s waste facility, where it is used for power generation to meet the domestic needs of around 50,000 householders.

Ruth Moulder, member of the Waste Impact Group, called this achievement “a significant milestone in our environmental efforts… As a company we can take pride in our environmental activities and know that we are not just meeting our statutory obligations, but always striving to outperform them.”

Last updated: 18 July 2012