Life at Bard

Our Purpose

To move medicine forward. It is why we come to work every day and it’s what inspires us all to succeed.

Our Part to Play

All of our people have a part to play in helping our patients lead the lives they want.

Our parts are very different, we all have different roles, different personalities, even different working patterns, but even though what we’re doing may be different how we do it is the same.

We all need to know what we’re here to do and to do it to the best of our ability every day. We demonstrate the shared beliefs set out in our Core Values and we challenge each other to do things better.

By working this way, together, we can make a difference to every one of our patients.

Our Plan

We work in partnership internally and with our associate network by getting the right products to the right customers at the right time reliably, flexibly and cost effectively.

We focus on continually learning and improving our business.

We manufacture, test and distribute products that both our customers and patients can rely on to be of the highest quality and consistency.

We are creating a vibrant open culture that’s performance driven and purpose led, where individuality is cherished, collaboration is encouraged, feedback is listened to and achievements are recognised.

The Competence & Behavioural wheel

Our wheel shows the competences and behaviours we believe will help Bard create a high performing and learning organisation, where people can grow.

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