Our history

Bard Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1966 serving as the Production and Supply Chain and Quality division of the Napp Pharmaceutical Group.

In the 1970′s, we began production of the Continus® system, a prolonged release technology, which has been combined with a variety of existing, effective medicines to bring additional benefits to patients. This was one of the most important founding achievements of our business and we still produce medicines using this system onsite today. Over the years we have continued to develop alternative prolonged release formulations and expanded our portfolio of medicines in a variety of therapy areas, including pain and respiratory medicine.

1983 saw us relocate from three sites; Aberdeen, Watford and West Drayton to our iconic main building on the Cambridge Science Park, affectionately known as the toast rack. Our award winning building was designed by Canadian architect, Arthur Erickson.

Over the last 20 years we have seen significant growth in our company. Our tablet manufacturing outputs have increased by over 700 million and our employment has risen from 165 people back in 1991 to over 450 people today.

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