We believe that employee engagement is fundamental to a successful business. There are many elements that contribute to an engaged workforce, things that are important to us are:

  • Developing our people
  • Making things even better at Bard
  • Helping to support a healthy lifestyle

All of our training and development opportunities are tailored to an individual’s needs through an effective personal development review. At Bard we always look at finding inventive ways of improving how we work. We encourage people to generate and be involved in new innovative ideas, which is an essential part of our ongoing effort with “How we make it better at Bard.”

We are committed to providing people with the best available options to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Our lifestyle initiatives include, subsidised gym membership, healthy menu choices in our RETREAT restaurant and health advice available from our on-site Occupational Health nurses.

The Occupational Health Department also offers a lifestyle program that all of our shift workers attend. The program gives advice and suggestions with sleeping patterns and dietary needs to help lead a healthier lifestyle for people that work outside normal working hours.

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